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arrowSeptember, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute wins 2016 America's Best Physicians award

arrowJuly, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute wins Turlock Journal's Readers' Choice award

arrowJuly, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute earns 2016 Spectrum Award for Service Excellence

arrowJuly, 2016
Dr. Basil Hantash receives Vitals®On-Time award for having the shortest wait times

arrowJuly, 2016
Elta MD sunscreen: buy two and get Elta MD lip balm free

arrowJuly, 2016
20% off all laser hair removal packages until September 23, 2016

arrowJuly, 2016
20% off all facial packages of three or more until September 23, 2016

arrowJuly, 2016
Revitalizing Facials - 3 for $160 or 5 for $250

arrowJuly, 2016
Micropeel Facial: $120

arrowJuly, 2016
20% Latisse kit

arrowJune, 2012
ASI's lead aesthetician provides expert opinion on Revitaleyes product.

arrowMay 1, 2012
Dr. Hantash and Dr. Ammar each receive the 2012 Best of Turlock Award.

arrowMay 1, 2012 has recognized Dr. Hantash with their "Patients' Choice" and "Compassionate Doctor Recognition" awards.

arrowFebruary 1, 2012
Dr. Hantash featured in Emanuel Medical Center's "Physicians' Monthly" publication.

arrowNovember 8, 2011
Advanced Skin Institute now offering skin allergy testing.

What cancers are removed by surgical excision?
Malignant melanoma is one of the most dangerous and aggressive skin cancers. Early detection and excision is the best way to get a good cure rate. The size of the excision depends on the depth of the melanoma which is determined under the microscope with the biopsy.

Squamous cell carcinoma is an intermediately aggressive skin cancer. In certain instances, squamous cell carcinomas may be surgically excised; however, this cancer type often requires Mohs surgery.

Basal cell carcinomas are the most common and least aggressive skin cancers. Basal cell carcinomas may be treated by surgical excision, curretted and electrodessicated, or a topical chemotherapeutic.

If you are affected by a skin cancer type other than one of the three listed above, please discuss the best treatment options with one of the providers at Advanced Skin Institute so the best treatment plan can be reached.

What benign lesions are excised?
Many benign skin growths can be excised such as cysts, lipomas (fatty tumors) and nevi. Some lesions are removed by shave excisions which require no sutures such as warts and seborrheic keratosis.

What happens after the surgery?
Post-operative skin care instructions will be given on a printed sheet. Usually a pressure dressing in applied and left intact for 24 hours. During this time ice can be applied over the dressing every couple of hours for 15-20 minutes. Care should be taken to avoid lifting anything over 15-20 pounds. After the pressure bandage is removed the wound is cleaned with saline and and antibiotic ointment and bandage reapplied. Sutures are left in usually 7-14 days.

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