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arrowSeptember, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute wins 2016 America's Best Physicians award

arrowJuly, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute wins Turlock Journal's Readers' Choice award

arrowJuly, 2016
Advanced Skin Institute earns 2016 Spectrum Award for Service Excellence

arrowJuly, 2016
Dr. Basil Hantash receives Vitals®On-Time award for having the shortest wait times

arrowJuly, 2016
Elta MD sunscreen: buy two and get Elta MD lip balm free

arrowJuly, 2016
20% off all laser hair removal packages until September 23, 2016

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20% off all facial packages of three or more until September 23, 2016

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Revitalizing Facials - 3 for $160 or 5 for $250

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Micropeel Facial: $120

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20% Latisse kit

arrowJune, 2012
ASI's lead aesthetician provides expert opinion on Revitaleyes product.

arrowMay 1, 2012
Dr. Hantash and Dr. Ammar each receive the 2012 Best of Turlock Award.

arrowMay 1, 2012 has recognized Dr. Hantash with their "Patients' Choice" and "Compassionate Doctor Recognition" awards.

arrowFebruary 1, 2012
Dr. Hantash featured in Emanuel Medical Center's "Physicians' Monthly" publication.

arrowNovember 8, 2011
Advanced Skin Institute now offering skin allergy testing.

lumixyl Lumixyl™ is a non-toxic, non-irritating, synthetic peptide technology that is clinically shown to significantly improve the appearance of unwanted discoloration, age spots, sun spots and uneven skin tone.

Developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University, Lumixyl's ground-breaking Decapeptide-12 is the only peptide shown to measurably aid the skin in restraining tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for initiating the overproduction of melanin, leading to uneven pigmentation and dark spots.

Studies show that Decapeptide-12 helps inhibit the production of melanin more efficaciously than hydroquinone - reducing melanin synthesis by as much as 40 percent compared to treatments with hydroquinone, which reduced production by only 7 percent in the same study. These results are one reason Lumixyl is considered by many to be the first real alternative to Hydroquinone.

The Power of this New System...

For before and after photos of Lumixyl treatment, please click here.

Lumixyl™ Products Available at our Clinic:

Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening System (Pictured Above)

The Lumixyl™ Brightening System includes patented cleansing, exfoliant and protective technologies to accelerate the results achieveable with the Lumixyl Cream and provide a full system for the management of unwanted discolouration. The Lumixyl Brightening System includes:

Lumixyl™ Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream

revitaleyes Lumixyl™ Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream is the first and only eye cream formulated with decapeptide-12, also known as the Lumixyl peptide, as part of a truly comprehensive treatment to correct dark circles, eye-area fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and inflammation. The result is brighter, smoother and firmer skin under the eyes, giving you a younger, more youthful appearance.

ASI's lead aesthetician provides expert opinion on Revitaleyes product.

Lumixyl™ Active Prep Cleanser

cleanser Lumixyl™ Active Prep Cleanser is a daily use gentle foaming cleanser formulated to prepare the skin for optimal application of the Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening System. Through the use of botanical antioxidants, the Lumixyl™ Active-Prep Cleanser contributes to a lower levels of oxidative stress in the skin for reduced melanin stimulation. This antioxidant rich cleanser is the only one designed not only to be a highly effective physician grade cleanser, but to aid in the skin brightening and skin-tone evening process, setting the stage for the Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Creme to do its best.

Lumixyl™ Glycopeel 20 (pictured below) and Glycopeel 10

Glycopeel helps to address the removal of old skin spots traped in the upper layers of the skin. Skin spots, or hyperpigmented areas of the skin, are simply where pockets of clustered melanin reside at or under the surface of the skin. Often these pockets will fade away on their own over time through the natural skin exfoliation process. But that does take some time – so a good hyperpigmentation therapy will include an exfoliant.

Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Creame

brightening Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Creme is a hydroquinone-free treatment for hyperpigmentation with patent pending Lumixyl Peptide Technology, developed at Stanford University, and licorice root extract. This advanced technology works to reduce the expression of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. This hydroquinone alternative is suitable for all skin types and treats dark spots, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, photodamage, melasma, hyperpigmentation due to systemic disease or medication and uneven skin tone. Within 8-10 weeks of use, it will noticeably remove age spots, dark spots and hyperpigmented areas, yielding a more even skin tone and brighter complexion. You'll love how the luxurious, moisture-rich texture feels on your skin.

Lumixyl™ MoistureLock Sunscreen

moisturelock Lumixyl™ MoistureLock Sunscreen is your best line of defence against hyperpigmentation, keeping damaging UV rays from reaching layers of sensitive skin, while protecting against the toxic interaction of UV rays with the skin’s cells - all without smelling or looking like you’re wearing a sunscreen. These attributes combine to make the Lumixyl™ MoistureLock Sunscreen your ideal daily sun protection. An added benefit is the ability to layer make-up over the sunscreen with ease – no slipping or smearing.
In the Lumixyl™ System, the MoistureLock Sunscreen, also delivers critical moisture to your skin, while providing broad spectrum SPF coverage. In other words, it creates a protected environment for the Lumixyl™ system to do its work, and prevents new damage from occurring.

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